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About one in six Americans suffer from chronic headaches of one type or another - headaches that usually last a long time and recur frequently. In severity, chronic headaches may range from rather mild pain to excruciating pain of the worst sort, but all have one feature in common: they always return, sometimes worse than before. Often, in desperation, the headache victim turns to pain pills to turn off the pain.

Pain Pills Ignore True Causes
Unfortunately, pain pills do nothing to treat the underlying causes - the true causes - of chronic headaches. Thus, without proper care, the headache victim's life becomes a vicious cycle of headache - pain killer - headache - pain killer, and on and on.

Chiropractors Treat Basic Causes of Headaches
Though the causes of chronic headaches may appear to be complex and may vary widely from person to person - even among those exhibiting the same symptoms - chiropractic doctors know from experience that chronic headaches often are associated with misaligned vertebrae (spinal subluxations) pinching spinal nerves.

Many headache victims go to chiropractic doctors hoping for a little relief, then happily discover that chiropractic works on underlying cause of headaches as well.

Types of Chronic Headaches
-The dread migraine and it variants
-Cluster headaches occurring in groups or clusters
-High-blood-pressure-caused headaches
-Toxic headaches resulting from exposure to turpentine, insecticides, spray adhesives, benzene, rubber cement, certain glues and a multitude of other common chemicals.
-Nitrite in foods causes serious headaches in some persons as does monosodium glutamate (MSG) often used in Oriental cooking.
-Amphetamines and other drugs can cause headaches

What does Research say about Chiropractic Care and Headaches?
As previously reported in the US Chiropractic Directory, after 8 weeks of randomized clinical trials with chiropractic vs. medication for headache and migraine sufferers, the chiropractic group scored 42% vs. 24% effective for medication. This research indicates that chiropractic is 57% more effective than medication for headaches and migraines. To say that the medical approach doesn't have a place in healthcare would be inaccurate and irresponsible, but based upon evidenced based outcome studies, research concludes that for headaches and migraines, the path is chiropractic first and drugs second.
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