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Healthy Habits Club

Our team at Banes Chiropractic has a passion to help inspire our patients and patient's families and friends to live an optimal life. To live an optimal life we believe that this involves several aspects of overall wellness including physical, chemical and emotional well-being.

Our team is dedicated to sharing health and wellness with others and we have created a series of Healthy Living workshops to do this.

The members of the Healthy Habits Club will have the opportunity to meet approximately once a month for a workshop that will give them tools to live a more balanced life. Topics that we will focus on will involve: nutrition, fitness, natural remedies and more!

Workshops will vary from informational workshops and interactive workshops:

Example informational Workshops:

Natural First Aid Kit Workshop

Ever wanted to know what know what to have on hand in your first aid kit and interested in having your first aid kit be natural or even make the remedies yourself?
In this worksho the following topics will be discussed:
-Herbal salves to put on scrapes.
-Flower Essences to use for stress for adults and children
-Herbal Cough Syrups, immune boosters
-Liniments for sprains/strains
-And much more...

Mind, Body, Herb Workshop
Ever wonder how foods and herbs can affect the emotions. Learn to use flower essences, homeopathics, herbs and food to help change how you feel.
This will be an informative and interactive workshop. So come ready to create your own remedy.

Common workout mistakes and what you can do to naturally to reduce workout soreness

Other workshops will be more interactive where we demonstrate and taste healthy foods:
-Raw Salad Dressings
-Healthy Smoothies
-Kombucha (an efferevescent, probiotic drink made of fermented tea)
-Raw Salads

Workshops demonstrating how to make natural products and home remedies:
-Salves and lip balm
-Infused oils (that can be used for cooking, salad dressing, massage oil, etc.)
-Herbal Elixers
-Elderberry syrup

To Join just sign up below and we will keep you updated with upcoming workshops and events.