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Applying a pair of custom made orthotic inserts to my combat boots has greatly reduced the pain in my knees and in my lower back and has additionally contributed to my improved flexibility and physical fitness. As a Marine of 13 years my joints have had to endure quite a lot of abuse. I previously had noticeable swelling and scar tissue in my knees. My low back would begin to ache as soon as I would put on my combat load. My ankles and feet would ache and swell after an hour of moving around. Like most people who are employed by physical labor, I thought that back, knee, and ankle pain was just part of the job. After two knee surgeries left me in seemingly more pain I was ready to try anything. One year ago Dr. Stephen Banes fitted me for custom made orthotic inserts and I am proud to say that after a year my comfort level has drastically improved. My joints are completely pain free, my knees and ankles no longer swell and ache, and my lower back is as good as new. I am now able to not only perform but excel in all things Marine Corps. I have put well over 300 hundred miles on my inserts and they are still highly functional. I highly recommend these inserts to all military, law enforcement, firemen, farmers, or anyone who is on their feet for extended periods.
-Joe P.

I just love my orthotics! Dr. Stephen Banes made them for me over a year ago and when I remembered to finally put them in my shoe, they took so much tension off of my knee's. I had this little ball in my right knee cap but after wearing orthotics for my long walks they almost instantly began working and the little ball disappeared! Now I will not exercise, walk or do anything without my orthotics.
-Kami P

With Custom Orthotics, I am able to keep running. Ever since I was in High School I suffered from shin splints when I ran. I continually tried to train for my goal of a half marathon, but gave up after training to about 7 miles because I would get severe shin splints. With Chiropractic care for my spine and extremities and custom orthotics I was able to achieve my goal of running a half marathon and continue to run them. As a Chiropractor I understand the impact running for long periods has on your joints and I know that if I do not take the proper precautions continuing to run would not be an option for me.  I do not run or even walk long periods of time without my orthotics!
-Dr. Holli Banes, DC (Dr. Stephen Banes' wife)